When you or a family member are facing a criminal charge, you will need an attorney who knows the criminal justice system inside and out, literally.  You will also want an attorney who recognizes how important your case is to you, and who will be willing to give your case the time and attention it deserves.  Your attorney must be willing to fight to protect your interests and your rights, but must also make sure that you understand all options available to you to resolve your charge.  Protecting your future is of the utmost importance.

Both as defense counsel and a former prosecutor, Ricky has handled thousands of criminal cases--ranging from simple misdemeanors to first degree murder cases.  No case is too big, and no case is too small.    Ricky represents individuals from all walks of life who find themselves on the wrong side of the system. He is familiar with the entire criminal justice system and will explore all legal options to protect your interests, your future, and your family. 

Ricky is an advocate who excels in the courtroom, with numerous acquittals in serious felony offenses, and also enjoys the "nuts and bolts" of legal research and trial preparation.  He is prepared to win your case in the courtroom, on appeal, or before it ever gets that far.

Criminal Law