Few things are guaranteed in this life.  Absent the Rapture, death is one of them.  Thus, families often require an attorney to assist them either in the preparation of a Will and/or Trust or in the handling of the affairs of a family member after death.  Our firm can assist in these areas, and others.  

Because our office is adjacent to the Probate division of the Chancery Court in Blountville, we draft Last Wills and Testaments, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Trusts, and the other documents you need to provide your family peace of mind.  Similarly, should the health of a family member require the appointment of a Conservator, we can assist.

As a litigation firm, we also assist numerous clients in the administration of Estates and have considerable experience in the area of probate litigation. Should a Will Contest or other dispute arise, you can rest assured that Ricky has successfully handled probate disputes in Estates worth millions of dollars to Estates eventually deemed insolvent.

Probate and Estate Planning

The Sullivan County Justice Center, home of Sullivan County's Probate Court.